Planning Ahead: Pick the Perfect Email Type


The type of emails varies, depending on the kind of small business you run. Here are a few email types you might try by viewing your business.

Promotional Email

A promotional email is a marketing message that typically provides incentives to increase a business's income and sales. This type of email marketing's primary objective is to persuade customers to buy something.

  • Personalize the email subject
  • Keep it concise but powerful
  • Focus on a singular message

Seasonal Messages for Holidays or Special Events

Depending on the event being acknowledged in the email message, these emails may focus on gift-giving, discounts, or just extending well wishes to subscribers.

Perhaps you've already started tossing around ideas for your holiday email, or perhaps you're still unclear about what to do next. Keep these straightforward suggestions in mind as you begin the campaign preparation process.

  • Know the audience
  • Give folks the option of receiving holiday messages or not.
  • Send email marketing based on what has already worked.

Personalized Discounts and Coupons for your Most Dedicated Customers

A tailored discount email is one that businesses send to subscribers using their data to make offers that are more relevant to them. These email owners make sure they have a good communication experience.

Transactional Emails (e-commerce receipts, appointment notifications)

Automated emails called transactional emails are sent when a user performs a particular activity on your website or app.

Typical applications or examples of the transactional email include:

  • Account warnings (account creation emails, subscription end, credit card expiring, etc.)
  • Notifications of abandoned carts, Event notifications (shipping notifications)
  • Purchase receipts and order confirmations
  • Answers to customer service questions
  • password resets or reminders
  • Requests for comments
  • emails that welcome subscribers


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