Grow Newsletter Business With a Few Effective Strategies


Let’s learn to turn up the volume and generate newsletter subscribers to build your business

Offer Incentives

No matter how fantastic your newsletter content is, prospective subscribers must feel like they are getting something in exchange for their email address.

Types of incentives:

  • Free delivery
  • Percent off the initial order
  • Education program
  • Gated content, such as eBooks and whitepapers

Create Data Collection Forms

When you link to a new signup page, you are directing your users away from the main website so they may enter their personal data. Those necessary extra clicks reduce the likelihood that the user will actually sign up for your newsletter. To make it simpler for users to input their information, place a data capture form directly on your landing pages in the sidebar, footer, or header.

Make Use of Exit-Intent Popup Offers

The reality is that not everyone who sees your website will immediately sign up for your newsletter. Use exit intent technology to detect user behavior and prompt a signup form as they are ready to depart your site. Exit intent makes subscribing less daunting because you can tell whether a visitor has been on your website to grasp your brand and what your newsletter might offer.

Test Button Elements

Play experiment with other words outside the conventional "sign up" or "subscription" in your button copy. Think about writing copy that is straightforward, individualized, and beneficial to your customer. When a person subscribes to your newsletter, they shouldn't have to make a guess as to what will happen. A good button copy should include

  • Beginning My Free Trial
  • 15% off
  • Send me my eBook
  • Send me new content


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