Ways to Increase Leads and Sales With Blogs


Here are 5 tested strategies for drastically increasing the number of leads and sales your blog posts produce.

1. Don’t Focus Your Blog Post Solely on Yourself

Making your blog entries specifically targeted at a certain issue also has the added benefit of improving your organic SEO ranking. You may allow people to find you naturally by providing content that addresses the aches and difficulties of your audience.

2. Don’t Sell on Your Blog Post

After you've given them something of value, you should get their phone number or email so you can follow up and ask them out on another date. Instead of selling on a blog post, reach out to your potential clients via email or newsletter.

3. Target Search Queries That Have Buyer Intent

Consider the purpose behind each search word as you brainstorm and determine whether it corresponds with your offering of goods or services.

Consider the search terms that might indicate someone is looking for what you have to offer, and build your blog around those.

4. Add a “Content Upgrade” to Your Blog Post to Create Leads

A content update is the same as a lead magnet, and its primary purpose is to make the blog post you're offering more relevant and easy for readers to choose from.

This is not mean that you should build a content update for each of your blogs, but if you have a few blogs that drive a lot of attention to your website, you might want to think about doing so to maximize that traffic.

5. Keep Your Blog Post Clean and Distraction-Free

Unless you're a media publication whose sole source of income is third-party advertisements. Avoid using extra ads or tags because they can lead to a bad user experience.

Nothing is wrong with a blog with pertinent graphics, videos, and calls to action.


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