Must-Have Elements for Company Brand Blogs


You need these five essential components as a marketer and business to make your company blog successful.

Powerful Images, Infographics and Videos

Adding various kinds of graphic content to break up text blocks, makes your blogs more appealing. Among the most popular ones are images, infographics, and videos. Considering that visuals have a high recall value, they are really helpful. Infographics are helpful when you wish to express concepts or information in a clear, appealing manner.

Marketing Components

Your logo serves as your company's identity; it's the visual cue that clients use to recognize you. Adding your company's emblem and color are crucial branding tools. The tone of your blogs and your brand can be established through color.

A Stunning Section for the Author's Bio

If you want to increase brand awareness and develop customer trust, then the author's biography and pictures are crucial. Even if your viewers only know the author from their profile photo and a brief bio, people tend to trust them more (by being familiar with them).

CTA Images

A CTA image needs to be obvious. You can use sign-up forms, banner ads or widgets for subscribing to newsletters. Your CTA image's color choice is important; for instance, picking a color that stands out from the rest of the page can increase the chances that readers will notice your CTA image.

Social Media Buttons

The majority of blogs today already include social media buttons, which allow readers to share their material and display the total number of shares. You can even dedicate a whole part of your sidebar to inform readers about the size of your social network and the number of social media shares your blog entries receive.

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