Delegation is Mutually Beneficial


Many employees complain about their workplace, and it doesn't have to be this way. Employers can pay workers what they deserve, plus have fair work policies.

According to The EMyth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber, a successful business does not require for the owner to have technical skills - owners can delegate. Sharing the workload means that you have the time to grow your business (but cheapness can affect your company).

Cheapness Slows You Down

There is a difference between cheap and affordable.

  • Cheap means that the amount you pay someone will cause the seller to ill-afford their bills.
  • Affordable means that the amount you pay is mutually beneficial. It works for your budget and keeps the seller out of debt.

If you choose to be cheap, workers will eventually quit. The constant rehiring, firing, and quitting slows down growth.

- New workers have to learn the process.
- The progress of someone's desk needs assessment.
- Workers get stressed with their work and extra tasks.

Your systems should work well together to allow your business to keep growing. Smooth operations mean less disruption you have to correct. Thus, your brand can progress forward with growth.

  • Structure roles to have sustainable compensation and achievable targets.
  • Avoid thinking about the cost. Instead, pay attention to the results you get in return.
  • Create contingency plans for when employees leave the company.

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