5 Best Types of Marketing Emails to Get More Customers


The following are the top five promotional email formats that you should include in your email marketing strategy.

Greeting Emails

Here are some helpful hints for creating welcome emails that work:

  • Include an interesting fact about your company or team to personalize your welcome email.
  • In your welcome email, stay away from discussing your products or services.
  • Include a picture of you or your brand to personalize your email.
  • Briefly describe how your company is enhancing its quality of life.

Time-limited Offers

Limited-time deals successfully turn unsure types of prospects into clients.

  • Include and emphasize the offer's validity at all times (for example, "Valid for 3 days” or "Only 5 hours left").
  • Use phrases like "flash sale," "purchase immediately," or "claim your gift today" to convey a sense of urgency.

Special Deals for Subscribers

When a customer signs up for a newsletter, e-book, or free trial, you send them a distinct kind of welcome email called a subscriber email. It's appropriate to send special deals to convert new sign-ups (to sales), and to introduce your deals via email.

Product Introductions

Create a winning email strategy for a product launch by including the following:

  • Put a product link like "Learn more about” in a detailed description of your product.
  • Give a succinct explanation of how the product will benefit the user (for example, "Keeps you active!").
  • Always include several CTAs (Call to Actions) in your email. The CTAs, including "Buy Now," "Show me how," and "Try it out" are three examples.

New Arrivals

Introduce your product inventory via emails to your customers.

  • Use "new arrivals" in your subject lines to pique the client's interest.
  • By including links or CTAs like "Just In" or "Shop Now" make it simple for customers to peruse new product arrivals.
  • Send devoted clients "sneak peek" emails about new arrivals (before the official release) to make them feel positive about the brand.

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