How to Induce a Sense of Urgency to Improve Sales


A very successful technique to boost email opens and potential purchases is to include information that encourages your readers to take immediate action.

Use Time-Sensitive Language to Pique Curiosity

Consider a subject line that'll motivate your audience to respond. This can be achieved by showing that the occasion or sale is time-sensitive: 12 more hours to save big!

Emphasize Scarcity

Do you recognize the term FOMO (fear of missing out)? Accentuating the possibility that they might miss their chance to buy your prized goods is a good way to instill a sense of urgency in potential customers. You, as a business owner, might think about informing your members that some supplies are finite.

Use these words to emphasize scarcity and create a sense of urgency: "Grab it before it disappears forever."

Use Capital Letters, Exclamation Points & Emotions

Short phrases may be capitalized. Keep your subject line's capitalization to a minimum unless it's very brief (no more than 5 words). Keep in mind that all capital letters in subject lines could be seen as spam.

Exclamation marks are also acceptable to convey a sense of urgency. Set the number of exclamation points per phrase or sentence to a maximum of one. Please refrain from using "!!!!!" at all. Too many exclamation marks can give the impression that you are shouting (at the person reading the subject line) rather than conveying a sense of urgency.

Use Vibrant Colors to Frame Your Urgent Message (Offer, Discount, Etc.)

Choose the color that is the most vibrant in your color scheme to serve as the background of your main statement. Another option is to use a vibrant GIF background. Remember your aim is to draw the readers' attention to the email's key topic.

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