Why Executing Is Much Harder Than Planning


The best-laid plans will fail if they're not carried out properly. A good strategy implemented poorly is frequently unsuccessful. It may appear apparent, but the solution to a failure is frequently as easy as working harder. 

Is your diet the cause of your inability to lose weight? Is the issue that you didn't stick to it consistently enough? If your blog isn't expanding, the issue isn't always your marketing approach or writing style, but rather a lack of good material.

Effort as a Measurement

Assume that each objective has a work threshold. You will not be successful until you put in at least this much effort. If your strategy is poor, you may need to put in more work. However, you must always demand the bare minimum. Of course, this isn't always true, but it's a good assumption that highlights my argument.

Being a good blogger may need a minimum effort of 2,000 hours of fruitful labor. Getting in shape may necessitate spending at least three hours a week, every week, at the gym. It may take 3,000 hours of socializing to progress from social ineptitude to charismatic assurance.

You will fail if you just contribute 250 hours of constructive effort to being a successful blogger. Even if you have a fantastic strategy, if you don't meet the bare minimum, you'll fail.

Working Hard

Many things in life aren't complicated, even if they're challenging. When you aren't obtaining the desired outcomes, the most evident issue is frequently a lack of effort. Making progress, even on seemingly simple tasks, takes a significant expenditure of work and effort. Even the finest approach is useless if you are not giving your all.

Controlling the Workload Before Considering the Strategy

Make sure to not complicate basic situations. The most evident cause of failure is a lack of effort. And, if you weren't already totally committed, this should be addressed first.

If you feel that strategy is more essential than execution, you'll want to nail down one that's almost flawless (which, again, is impracticable) before proceeding with implementation. This kind of preparation might take weeks or months of your time, at which point you risk over-planning and impeding execution. Unsuccessful implementation is frequently caused by preparing for the sake of planning, rather than planning with execution in mind. If you feel that you have the perfect approach, you will never recognize the need to alter it once you begin working toward your broader goals.

When it comes down to it, consider your company's growth to be similar to that of nature. Consider execution as water and ideas as seedlings (as a seed cannot develop without water). No matter how fantastic your idea appears at the moment, an idea alone can never ensure the growth of your organization – only execution will. You can learn a lot more by reading the famous book called “Think and Grown Rich” by the successful author Napoleon Hill.

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