Ways to Use Email to Increase Sales


Email marketing is a lengthy process - starting with creating an email list, through assessing the effectiveness of the email campaign after the emails have been sent.

There are three straightforward methods, from the perspective of a small business, for obtaining email addresses for your list:

At the Point of Transaction, Ask the Customer for Their Email Address

Ask the customer for their email address at the point of sale. After the sale has been finished, always ask the customer. You can email them a digital receipt that you can store on your email list using credit card readers from Square, Intuit, or PayPal. Let them know that the emails will contain only the best deals and new arrivals. How many clients that would genuinely like to be added to your email list may surprise you and help you to boost your sales.

Run a Campaign to Attract Customers

A giveaway or other promotion is frequently a legitimate method to entice customers to join your email list. To encourage additional followers to join, you can post the giveaway on your website and social media platforms. Include a link that enables customers to share the campaign with others on the digital sign-up form. Your clients are likely to spread the word about your content if it is entertaining and fascinating.

At Events, Keep a Sign-up Form Close By

Customers that are interested in your items, but lack the time to stop and carefully consider the product selection, are frequently seen at events. Encourage these interested prospects to join your email list. After that, you can provide updates about your upcoming events and special deals. Prospects become more familiar with you as a result of your updates and this increases your sales to the next level.

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