3 Types of Newsletters You Need to Know for Your Business


Every business owner should know these business newsletter types to generate more leads.

Company Newsletter

Use this internal communication to preserve morale and keep team members informed.

It covers any information affecting your employees, such as updates on new products, services, policies, and opportunities. Included are biographies and human interest stories to foster teamwork. The readers may include employees, retirees and insiders.

Consumer Newsletter

Use this publication externally to maintain contact with and grow your "family" of clients, readers, users and subscribers. This newsletter format is used by many firms, entrepreneurs, and sole owners.

The content-type includes information that's helpful to your current and potential clients. It includes details such as new product launches, business news, or pointers for utilizing the services that they've already paid for.

The readers include individuals that have used your products or services (in the past or the present), as well as consumers. For instance, a travel agency might publish a newsletter with travel advice, future deals, and case studies of actual customers.

Organization Newsletter

Use this material both inside and outside of your organization. The company newsletter, out of the three categories, is a special synthesis that communicates to both your target audience and those in your inner working circle (members, staff, employees, and board members). The majority of charities and churches use this newsletter format.

It covers any information that promotes your work and cause, and is helpful to your readers. This includes updates, information, features, advice, announcements and industry news.

The readers are people who may be interested in your cause, or be connected to your work in some manner. This includes present and former partners, donors, beneficiaries, insiders, etc.

A nonprofit organization newsletter provides news and updates on the people who are helped by your efforts, new projects, and forthcoming events.

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