How to Write Content That Converts Readers Into Customers


Here is a set of go-to techniques that can keep you on track. Follow these 5 writing tips to convert your passive readers into paying customers.

Use Compelling Headlines

Weak headlines will lose your potential customers, even if you create magical content. So write compelling headlines that provide benefits to readers. Writing compelling headlines consist of seven to nine words, which provide the essence of the entire sales content.

Provide a Crystal Clear Call-to-Action

Don't leave your audience wondering about what's on the page. Provide a clear CTA that is visible and unmistakable. Provide the CTA button or text in and around the website, ads and landing pages.  A good CTA should be action-oriented, such as: Sign Up For a Free Trial.

Harness the Power of Landing Pages

Landing pages serve as an extension for promotional material and provide the reader with the most content in a click. Keep the landing page conversion on the top of the page. For instance, use a countdown timer to emphasize an exclusive promotion, along with a no-brainer offer - like a free trial.

Include Reasons to Believe

Include RTBs such as: testimonials from satisfied customers, key metrics from your past customers, and recognitions received in your content to position yourself as an industry leader.

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