The 4 Types of Business Blog Posts


Let’s break down the four business blog types, so that you get a desirable choice in your digital marketing strategy.

CEO Blogs

This content comes straight from the CEO, who serves as the firm's voice. It must be precise, significant and authoritative, and before even beginning the blog, the senior executive must fully commit to it. Once started, the public anticipates reading this CEO's blog postings regularly. The public may be quite disappointed if the blog disappears.

General Company Blogs

A general company blog tackles some of the issues that the CEO Blog faces, by sharing multiple insights from multiple department executives. In addition to showcasing more perspectives on your corporate culture, this offers a vibrant variety of viewpoints and writing styles that will captivate the visitor.

You can share routine information about your business's operations and new exciting projects. This conveys your general company point of view to your visitors in a compelling yet consistent manner.

Specific Team/Departmental Blogs

When one department has a lot more information to provide than the others, it sometimes starts as a spin-off from the General Company blog. The General Company blog may appear unbalanced if your company doesn't create a department blog for this vibrant, energetic department. It makes sense to create team or department specific blogs in these circumstances, so that your more zealous departments can shine without detracting from the general company POV.

Product/Service Marketing Blogs

After viewing simply the standard single-page advertisement or a brief video promo, some visitors might be hesitant to make a purchase. These visitors will probably value a product blog because it allows them to take their time and go through posts and comments to learn more about your items.

Do a product or service blog with free downloadable resources, interviews, podcasts that can be listened to online, and more for your audiences.

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