Tips for Creating Vibrant Email Graphics


Graphics are everything that can be represented visually, to put it simply. Emails may contain the following graphics:

  • static pictures
  • GIFs or animated images
  • interactive content (carousels and rollovers)
  • dynamic material

Here are tips for creating stunning email graphics that convert readers into paying customers:

Follow your Brand's Identity

You need to think about your brand's personality and image while creating email graphics. For instance, muted color palettes, clean lines, and uncomplicated features should be employed if your brand has a minimalist aesthetic.

Optimize the Size

Your emails will be marked as spam if they appear heavier, so notice the graphic's size because this increases the spam score. The size of your email should not exceed 1 MB. A single email's overall size for all visuals should, therefore, not exceed 400 KB.

Dimensions of the Graphics

On desktop screens, the graphics' width shouldn't exceed 700 pixels; on mobile devices, it shouldn't exceed 350 pixels. Although the graphic's height is adjustable, keep in mind that your subscribers will have to scroll more as its length increases. Additionally, it's challenging to understand and remember the message when the visuals are very extensive.

Choose the Right Format

JPEG, PNG, and GIF are the three formats that are widely used for creating an email.  JPEG images are of the lowest quality yet have a compressed file size. PNG graphics are large and of the best quality.

Images that consistently loop are known as GIFs. Videos can often be replaced with them as some email programs do not fully support them.

 A Few Advanced Tips

  • Select impressive typography.
  • Use a trendy design.
  • Use high-quality, custom images.
  • Make responsive email images.
  • Add Alt Text each time (best to describe graphics content).

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