Ways to Promote Business Content


If you want your content to advance your marketing objectives, you must be proactive in your content promotion.  See the following, ultimate guidelines for promoting your content:

Send a Broadcast Email

People who joined your email list are interested in your brand and want to receive your most recent updates. Check your analytics five days after sending the first broadcast email to discover who didn't open it. Then send the email to this group once more, but with a different subject line. You may be astonished at how many clicks you gain by sending the broadcast email more than one time (as described). 

Engage With Your Community

Use platforms to participate in the debate of your business, while expanding the audience for your content. Here are some options:

  • Join relevant social media groups, such as Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
  • You can also increase your social media reach with the aid of content promotion networks, such as Viral Content Bee.
  • If you sign up for Q&A websites (such as Quora or Yahoo Answers), recommend your content as a resource to respond to people's queries.

Paid Promotions

Pay per click, or by the number of impressions, helps to reach your content across several platforms. For instance:

  • Facebook enables the creation of ads based on a variety of factors, including location, special interest groups and demographics.
  • Pay-per-click discovery features are available on StumbleUpon.
  • Reddit Ads are an affordable way to increase the visibility of your content on the community-based website.
  • A promotion network called Outbrain places your content on pertinent blogs and news websites.

Write For Others

Attract people from the web to important pages on your website by guest posting or blogging. Create amazing content and pitch it to other sites. If they let you, include links in the content and your author bio to key pages of your website.

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