Best Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates


Email subject lines get noticed in the busy inboxes, so make sure that they actually work for you.

Use Words That Prove the Open Rates

Use the best words in subject lines to increase your email open rates. For instance, these words boost open rates:

  • Prettiest
  • Remember
  • Celebrate
  • Is Coming
  • Do
  • Exclusive

Remove Words That Reduce Open Rates

Avoid these words and symbols in subject lines:

  • 100%
  • Get Started
  • Free!
  • Hello
  • Legal
  • Who
  • Don’t Download
  • Debt

Add Numbers to Your Subject Line

Using numbers in subject lines increases the email open rates. Numbers and facts help your emails stand out, show that you have a clear and concise message about your offer, and help your readers by letting them understand what to expect.

Put an Emoji in the Subject Line

Using emojis in subject lines increases the email open rates by 56%.  Use them brand appropriately and get your emojis from:

  • Windows users can access the emoji keyboard by pressing WIN (the actual period punctuation symbol).
  • Mac: Press Control + Command + Space to open the emoji window.

Keep Subject Lines the Right Word & Character Length

50% of emails open on mobile devices, so make sure that the reader can read the entire subject line on mobile. The best subject line (to boost open rates) is 17-24 characters.  Moreover, using a short number of words, like 3-5 words, is great and is likely to increase your email open rates.

Title Case Subject Lines

Psychologically, title case capitalization shows the authority badge from the sender. Such subject lines boost open rates because the subject lines look like "3 Tips for Beginner Writing."

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