Start With Keeping it Simple


"I do not have the time." “Five years seem like a long time away from now.” These statements are common excuses.
Stephen Covey, the writer of "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", knows this. He also knows the importance of new habits. But he asks his readers to start with only one changed behavior that will make a difference in their lives.

A New Habit Can Do the Following and More

- Free up more of your time.
- Help you increase your earnings.
- Improve your mind or body.
- Change the pace of your progress.

Many people look at their five-year goals, and then become overwhelmed. But time will pass despite you taking the necessary actions for achievement. Thus, Covey says to focus on the small steps needed for your goals. Covey wants you to understand that you are in charge. You control how you use your time and where you focus your energy.

He Lists the Steps for Change As

  1. Mental creation: acknowledge the approach that will change your life.
  2. Visual breakdown: think of all the smaller goals needed to achieve your dreams.
  3. Self-management: take steps to make progress daily.

In simple terms, the idea is to not worry about tomorrow. Focus on what you need to get done today. If you do a little daily, your future will be different.

Does the idea of changing your life stress you out? Read 7 Habits by Stephen Covey to reduce your apprehension. Here's the book link.

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