Best Automated Marketing Solutions: 6 Steps to Getting Started


“Automating the proper process is sensible. Automation is not a substitute for human intervention."

More leads, more conversions, more revenues... less work are all promises of automated marketing. This presents a challenge for those of us who lack technical know-how or funds for a professional team: marketing automation can be intimidating.

That's why we have put together a simple 6-step procedure with 18 tools and resources to help you get started automating the most crucial parts of your marketing:

  • Set Clearly Defined Objectives
  • Your current content should be analyzed.
  • Decide on the Tools You'll Need
  • Produce Relevant and Valuable Content
  • Syndicate, Distribute, and Market
  • Pivot and Test

The first step is to establish a defined set of objectives.

This is one of the best and foremost step in the best automated marketing solutions. An unwise goal-setting technique is one that relies solely on raw data such as page views and social media retweets. In fact, this isn't a strategy at all. Vanity metrics may give you a "short, warm-and-fuzzy sensation," but they can also divert your attention away from more important measurements.

As a result of evaluating the effectiveness of your present marketing methods in converting and keeping clients, you should base your goals on data rather than assumptions. Once you've established your goals, it's time to define the metrics you'll need to monitor.

The following are some examples of particular objectives you should set:

  • Boost Twitter brand mentions by 15% (brand awareness).
  • In no more than 60 minutes, respond to all Facebook messages (customer service).
  • In six months, 30% of first-time subscribers to your email list will become repeat customers (revenue).
  • Within 12 weeks, you should have 100 Pinterest first-time buyers (revenue).
  • Targeted discounts will be used to upsell 30 more premium packages to existing customers over the following three months (customer lifetime value).
  • To keep track of your progress, it is essential to devise a strategy that is easy to follow. Your marketing automation initiatives will be shaped by the decisions you make and the actions you take in pursuit of your goals.

Examine The Content You Already Have

Setting goals and creating analytics is only the first step; the next two steps are evaluating what you have and asking two key questions. To begin, how well is the content I already have performing? Second, what am I overlooking?

It is imperative that you establish your current position before moving forward with automation. In the business world, a content audit is referred to as this.

Your site's most effective pages can be identified using this quantitative high-level perspective of your content. When it comes to your goals, you should know which pages are helping you get there.

Experts do an audit as a necessary first step. And one that is often overlooked by those of us who profess to be "too busy."

In order to carry it out successfully, you must have a firm grasp on your company's goals, consumer personas, and the path people take from awareness to purchase to advocacy before beginning.

Choose the Essential Tools

We now know which portions of the sales funnel are most likely to gain the most from automation.

It's best to avoid solutions that claim to "do it all" when it comes to automation. Instead, choose software, platform or services like Dataczar that is in line with your objectives.

You can learn a lot by looking at what other companies are doing with marketing automation. 

Content that matters must be created.

You've got some fantastic ideas for blog posts. Great work! But if no one is reading it, it doesn't mean much.

It's essential to create compelling material, especially in the form of headlines, for your online audience, given the glut of options and short attention spans that they face.

Start with what's already working and build from there. To put it another way, use the success of other material to help you come up with ideas for your own. Here, automation comes in.

Create your own version of something that's popular on the internet instead than beginning from scratch and imagining what people could be interested in.

You may be wondering: Isn't this a form of theft? If you improve it...

Add to the original list, or expand on it in any way you can. Write a comprehensive guide if someone only writes a brief introduction. Sharing excellent tools and resources from others is a great way to help others. Be sure to credit their creators wherever possible.

Syndicate, Distribute, and Market

If you create it... they won't come. Because of this, it's critical to automate your promotion, distribution, and syndication processes. Once you've developed valuable content, you need to spread the word, and automation is the most cost-effective way to do this.

Owned, earned, and paid are the three main categories of content distribution tools. You can utilize them all at the same time.

Your blog, email list, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc. are all owned tools. You should begin by distributing your work here. In this room, the audience expects to see your work.

In order to get your material out there and make a story viral, social bookmarking networks are a terrific way to do that. Adding material is as simple as creating an account, selecting the items you want to highlight, and submitting them. Anyone who uses the site and subscribes to that topic can find your stuff there. You can also search for the Dataczar: The best email marketing platform for E-commerce. It is not only targeted to email services but it also create your branded website and emails to generate engaging, easy-to-deliver marketing campaigns.

Pivot and Test

Only by testing and testing again will you be able to determine which of your actions were successful and which needed to be discarded.

Sometimes, all you have to do is change your approach. You may have to reduce automation in some cases if manual activities are more efficient. Manual actions:

The analytics and data provided by the software solutions you use will help you to measure the success of your automation deployment. You can check Dataczar for the best automated marketing solutions as it delves deeper into the automated marketing industry and email marketing solutions for e-commerce websites.