Tips to Make Sure Your Business Newsletter Gets Read


Whether you are starting out or have been running your own business for decades, here are a few essential elements to ensure your newsletter makes an influential impact. Let's dive in!

Segment Your Audience

Segment your audience based on their location and buying habits, as it's crucial to deliver a newsletter that's relevant to their interests. 

Nail Your Subject Line

Make an eye-catchy, short phrase that gets your email opened, for instance:

  • It should be 30-50 characters long.
  • Avoid words like "free" and "buy now" as these cause messages to be marked as spam. 
  • Optimize the subject line with any tool, like CoSchedule’s subject line tester.

Drive Engagement Through Strong & Useful Content

Give your readers a clear idea of what will happen once they click on your highlighted content.  Moreover, use a friendly and personal tone throughout your newsletter to keep readers engaged (and not tossing it).

  • Connect the business with special events, seasons and holidays, and give details of the topic in the newsletter.
  • Use only one "main" CTA in each newsletter. Use powerful words like Join, Start, Discover, Explore, Upgrade and Create.

Make Your Newsletter Pleasant to the Eye

Make your email format professional but eye-catching, so that it looks great. You can use the images in your newsletter to increase its readability rate.  Use a template from a provider - such as Dataczar - to create an impressive look for your newsletter. 

Set the Right Expectations for Subscribers

Be transparent and clear with the potential subscribers about the type of content to expect. Offer the relevant information when users subscribe, because it will derive engagement and a higher subscription rate.

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