5 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Email marketing is an effective tool that entrepreneurs can use to grow their business, but most of them don't know where to start.  Follow these five strategies to make a successful marketing campaign.

Market Segmentation and Email List

Try to make the segmentations of your audience based on age, location, interests, job nature, education and previous interactions. The segmentation helps you further list the emails effectively. Get started with email lists by:

  • Creating gated content (eBook, white paper or checklist for free templates for email).
  • Including a signup link in emails.
  • Giving users the option to subscribe to your email list.

Make it Personable

Make it more personal so that it does not fade in the recipient's inbox of spam.  Use the business leader's name instead of the company name, and also try to use the recipient's name in the email. Use Facebook Ads manager, iContact, and CoSchedule to build your email list and help you to create personable emails.

Craft Your Email Message Effectively

The things that ensure your email gets read (and not tossed) are its effective, eye-catchy content according to the needs of your customers.

  • Play around with your subject line to catch the audience's attraction.
  • Offer benefits in the subject line, not features.
  • Be concise with the target idea and include a call to action.

Broaden Your Research

Try A/B testing for your emails. Use the two subject lines comparatively and check to see which one performs the best. The more you test your email strategies, the more likely you'll discover unplanned strategies.

Consistent Email Marketing Schedule

It's not a one-time event, but it requires consistency.

  • Create an email-marketing calendar.
  • Identify the best days, holidays or events to send emails.

Also, be sure to follow email regulations and keep your email list updated.

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