How to Properly Write Your First Email Newsletter


A newsletter is an email (in 100% text format or with a visual design) that is distributed to a list of subscribers via an email distribution provider. Indeed, sending via Gmail or Outlook is restricted to a few hundred emails every day, and we soon exhaust the capabilities of a program meant to send emails individually.

Furthermore, sending emails from your email account has limitations:
-You have to send emails in batches of 50, 100, etc. (there is no automation).
-There are no statistics (who opened, who clicked…).
-Subscriptions and unsubscriptions cannot be handled automatically.
-There is no optimization of email deliverability in subscribers’ inboxes (via dedicated email servers, several domain-names or senders, tools to analyze the quality of your email…). Deliverability is the optimization of newsletter sending so that it arrives in your recipient’s email box.
-There is no graphic newsletter editor.

This is why it's necessary to adopt an emailing solution that not only allows you to manage your subscriber list and plan message delivery, but also allows you to generate newsletters with a few clicks.

There are several emailing methods available to send your newsletter. We propose that you select a solution that allows you to send a newsletter with a design that is compatible with PC, smartphone and tablet.

What Format for Your Newsletter?

The good reflex is to write an email with photos, bold texts, bullets, etc. (a newsletter in HTML). However, in some circumstances (for example, to improve deliverability), it may be advantageous to create a newsletter in text style.

You have two main options for newsletter format:

-A text only newsletter with no photos is the easiest to prepare and has the highest deliverability. However, it is also the least appealing. It may also be used for marketing or to deliver extremely simple newsletters with only one message. It provides for maximum deliverability, but the drawback is that it's not sexy (you have to write a very engaging text and add emoticons to make the reading a little bit pleasant).

-An HTML newsletter (responsive) with images, adaptation to reading on a smartphone, bold text, buttons… This is the most professional and beautiful format, but it is also the one that takes the longest to realize. This is the format used to send more formal messages and also to build confidence. To realize these models of newsletters, there are graphic editors, in which it is enough to drag and drop elements (images, texts…) from ready-made models.

The Steps to Create Your First Newsletter Are Very Simple

-Determine your objectives first.
-Select the newsletter sending service.
-Create your newsletter’s template or model.
-Consider the purpose, the offers, and the call to action.
-Personalization of the subject, the message, and the sender.
-Create the content in a text editor or directly in the emailing solution you’ve chosen.
-Finalize the content of your HTML newsletter.
-Send yourself a TEST email of your HTML Newsletter.
-Send your newsletter to your colleagues for review.

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