Easy Steps to Do Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools. Indeed, it enables you to compete on several levels at once: reputation and notoriety, backlinks, traffic, relevancy, network, and so on. In a nutshell, it’s a goldmine for any online marketer.

So, why are we taking so long to get started? That's because it requires time, energy and motivation. You must organize your assault for your efforts to provide the desired results! Here’s a quick approach to increasing the number of visits to your website and becoming an influencer.

Set Specific Goals

You won’t go very far if you don't start with goals. Guest blogging makes sense only if you write often over time. Consider it a fire that you start with a few twigs, which expands as you fuel it and so becomes more apparent and effective.

You’ll need motivation to keep it going over time. And there’s nothing better to feed it than really pleasant outcomes. You must set specific goals in order to obtain them.

You may post articles or blogs on other websites to:
-Obtain high-quality backlinks.
-Increase visitors to your website.
-Bring in a new sort of audience.
-Create relationships with bloggers and look for collaboration possibilities.
-Develop your personal brand.
-Establish your brand as an industry expert.

Your whole guest blogging strategy will be determined by the goals that you set. They'll have an immediate influence on the themes of your posts, the platforms you choose for guest blogging, the backlinks you include in the text, the analysis of the results, and so on.

Find a Good Platform for Guest-Blogging

You don't have to be everywhere; just be in the appropriate location. But which blogs should I publish on? Here are some pointers to help you find the most important blogs in your business.

-Make direct Google searches:
The first sites that appear in the SERP are also the first that readers interested in this topic find. Google ranks them this way because it believes they are the most relevant in their sector.

-Identify Influencers:
Find the most popular bloggers in your community and see what platforms they post on. This can help you identify which blogs your target audience is reading. Also, influencers often have their own blogs. In this case, you can analyze their profiles in more detail to get to know the people you will be contacting.

Ideally, you should establish a relationship with the editor of the blog you are interested in via social networks.

Select the Most Relevant Blogs

This requires an analysis of several criteria. Here are the most important ones:

-Guest Friendly:
If the influencer doesn’t have any external blogger articles on their site, it’s a bad sign. Unless you have the pitch of the century, it’s better to save your content for others: remember, it’s a marathon, you need to breathe.

-High awareness:
Check the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Cross-reference this data with the reactions to their posts.

-Matching themes:
The topics covered in the targeted blog must be close enough to yours so that you can naturally find your place there. This is important for the readers of the blog, but also for the quality of the backlinks and referral traffic you'll gain.

Prepare to Make Contact

Once you've compiled a list of potential targets, you may go on the offensive. The first piece of advice is to avoid contacting the site you desire the most right away. Take the time to establish a strong track record that will make the author's eyes sparkle.

Do Not Miss Your Email

The message you send to the blog will give a first impression of you as an author. This is a step that should not be neglected!

If you just modify the "first name" and "blog name" fields between two emails, your communication will be ineffective. It's impossible to contribute to a blog unless you have at least a basic understanding of its creator (name, first name, background, professional activity). The editor must determine who he/she is dealing with as soon as possible. Put up your assets that will be valuable to them: your job, your experience, and your business goal.

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