Spotlight On: Broken But Healed


For this Business Spotlight, we catch up with Deadra of Broken But Healed.

What does your business offer?
Mentorship/ Coaching.

How does your business use Dataczar?

What inspired you to start your business?
"I have a heart for battered women because I use to be one. I started helping women by encouraging and educating them while using biblical principles to teach them their worth. It was about 10 years ago that I relized I was called to help other battered women break free from abusive relationships.So recently, I decided to become a certified life coach and birth my non - profit business.Broken But Healed".

What is your business' biggest win (proudest moment)?
Witnesses women make it out of abusive relationships alive and then being able to receive total healing.

What was your business' biggest challenge?
Financial Sponsors.

Tell us something interesting/fun about your business.
I have been a ordained minister for the past 21 years and more than half of those years I was in a very toxic marriage of which I finally broke free from a couple of years ago. So I like to share my story with the women  to let them know I've been there and I understand. 

What’s the most popular product/service that you offer?

Anything else you would like to share about your business?
Change your Mind. Change your Life!