5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Email Deliverability


When it comes to email, proper deliverability is critical. Regardless of how you use this channel (information newsletter, B2B prospecting emailing, automatic purchase confirmation, etc.), if your communications don't reach their intended recipients, your campaigns will fail and you will lose money.

The rate at which your emails arrive in your recipients’ inboxes is determined by a variety of factors. Some merely demand the usage of professional email marketing tools, while others necessitate a number of efforts on your part. While they may appear to be difficult for novices to follow, there are only a few guidelines that must be observed.

This post will teach you how to easily achieve excellent deliverability!

Keep Your Address Book Up to Date

It's critical that your contact list is clean in order to avoid being labeled as a spammer. This includes removing duplicates, hard bounces (for example, non-existent addresses), and unsubscribed recipients. It is critical, especially in the case of the latter, to cease sending them emails. As a result, ensure that your emailing solution efficiently manages your contact book by immediately deactivating unsubscribed emails and avoiding their unintentional re-importation.

Most of these chores are handled automatically by professional email marketing software, but it never hurts to double-check your lists from time to time. This is especially true when you’ve been using the same address book for a long time.

Collect Double Opt-in Addresses

You must only send emails to individuals who have given you their explicit permission. This is not only a legal obligation under the RGPD (the European data protection policy), but it also ensures that your receivers do not classify you as spam and increases your deliverability.

Insert a registration form on your website for your prospects to enter their email address. This allows you to gather double opt-in (DOI) addresses (only the email address must be a required field). Your prospects will then receive an email with a confirmation link to click.

Take Care of the Layout

It is critical to pay attention to the design of your emails if you want to convert your prospects and enhance your deliverability. Here are some guidelines to follow:
-Maintain a text-to-image ratio of 23-13% (and avoid single-image emails at all costs!).
-Allow for lots of white space in your layout and clearly position call-to-actions.
-Do not exceed 600 pixels in width.
-Check the mobile preview of your email to ensure it appears correctly.
-Avoid videos, in favor of animated GIFs.

Avoid Spamming

Avoid using terms that are commonly linked with spam. Spam filters will detect this and reduce your deliverability. Spam terms are frequently connected with sex (Viagra, sexy, and so on), gambling (casino, poker, and so on), or free (special promotion, 100 percent free, etc). There are many spam words and it is almost impossible to avoid them all, but make sure to reduce them as much as possible.

Build a Good Reputation as a Sender

To keep your campaigns consistent and develop a positive sender reputation, avoid using private sender addresses like @gmail.com. Use a professional address linked with your domain name instead.

Avoid altering your sender address to improve your reputation. When you change your domain, you start over (again)!

When you first start publishing a Newsletter, the deliverability issues may appear overwhelming. However, by just adhering to a few basic guidelines, it's feasible to maintain excellent deliverability. Respect the simple things mentioned above and you should have no trouble reaching your receiver’s inboxes!

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