5 Requirements to Create a Well-Referenced Website


SEO contributes to 68 percent of blog traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is non-paid, whereas SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is paid. SEO and SEA are complementary to each other for increasing traffic. However, SEO is more than just well-written content; it takes into consideration hundreds of criteria (characteristics and SEO metrics) for Google’s algorithm.

Creating E-A-T Content

This acronym means Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Google is progressively favoring content that is well-sourced and trustworthy. Especially for sites that provide legal, medical or financial advice.

How to fulfill these requirements?
-Expertise: Make sure to provide material that has been sourced and quantified. It is much better if it is authorized by a renowned expert in the topic!
-Authority: Try to build your reputation by mentioning yourself on Sites like Wikipedia and Google News, while keeping the variety and brand-new stuff.
-Trustworthiness: Earn the faith of Internet users and Google through HTTPS navigation and prominent legal notifications, GTCs, or TOS.

Work on the Authority of Your Website

To appear in Google’s top results in 2022, your website must be an authority on the topics covered.

It’s no longer a secret that relevant backlinks and regular social media posting help SEO on Google. A backlink is a link from another website to your content. If your material is reputable and relevant enough, you can earn traffic and authority by obtaining backlinks from well-referenced sites.

To obtain backlinks:
-Write a guest piece (for example, an influencer may publish one of your articles on his site).
-Register your site in SEO directories. A well-chosen directory can be a great asset to your Google ranking.
-Use your personal and professional network.
-Consider sharing your website on social media.

Social networks are essential components of a website’s ecology. You may attract new prospects to your website and boost your visibility by posting content on social media. This method takes time to adopt, but keep in mind that the more people talk about you, the higher Google will rank you!

Focus on Internal and External Linking to Boost Your SEO in 2022

Net linking is an important tool for improving a website’s natural referencing. Your Internet content must be active.

You can include two sorts of links on your pages:
-Internal links direct visitors to another page on your website. They are ideal for lowering your bounce rate and informing Google about Internet visitor’s interest in your content.
-External links can help your site’s authority if they are carefully picked.

Mastering the Google Mum Algorithm

Google announced the release of their new algorithm: MUM (Multitask Unified Model). This latest innovation of the search engine performs searches simultaneously, in several languages and in different formats (photo, video, text and audio). The goal of this algorithm is to reproduce the interpretation of the human brain. With this update, Google wants the Internet user to have the answer to their request in one search.

The algorithm scans sites in several languages, and if the most appropriate response to the user’s search intent is in a language other than the one used in the search, MUM translates the material before recommending it. This upgrade illustrates the American behemoth’s willingness to emphasize great material and give Internet users appropriate responses. Providing excellent material will aid in your SERP ranking!

Inserting Images Into Your Web Content

Images are no longer exclusively used by e-commerce companies to advertise their products! According to a yearly study of professional bloggers, including graphics and images into content produces better outcomes. To stand out on Google in 2022, add photographs, infographics, or even videos to your blog entries to provide more interesting material.

SEO Optimization Concerns Images too:
-Choose an image that is related to the topic of the post (rather than an all-purpose image).
-Resize the picture to avoid increasing the website loading speed (which is bad for SEO).
-Find in the ALT tag, caption, and picture description using the keywords, while avoiding special characters.
-Make use of your own or royalty-free photographs.

Never forget that web content should be written for the readers, not only the search engines!

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