Start Your Marketing Campaign With Awareness


Advertisements that don't feel natural and informative often annoy people. Do you ever notice how marketing campaigns come across like mini-shows? Marketers make this deliberate choice in their advertising.

Will you have this type of budget for an elaborate production? You probably won't and that's okay. You can apply a similar, affordable approach to your sales promotions.


Before you sell, teach. You don't have to inform people about how concepts in your industry work. Instead, educate people about your brand:

  • What product or service does your business offer?
  • Why should people trust you?
  • Who are the people behind the brand?
  • Which audience does your brand help?
  • Where can people find you on and offline?
  • How can people work with you?

Tell stories

Have you ever seen someone jump around in an advertisement after taking sips of an energy drink? The jumping does more than grab the viewer's attention - it tells a simple, three-part story.

  • Problem: Someone felt tired.
  • Excuse: The person didn't have enough time to nap.
  • Solution: The person felt energized after having the drink.

Show people the transformation that they can expect by using your product or service. High energy acting doesn't suit all brands, for example, it may be relaxing by a spa. Use whatever fits your product or service best.  

Speak of Risk Aversion

People don't enjoy losing; it's the reason that the buy now, pay later industry grew so fast. Reduce the risk associated with buying.

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