Rewrite Your Way to Better Emails


Let us first be clear that we're not suggesting plagiarism. The practice methods below are about modeling to crush your excuses. You won't publish any of your practical exercises, as this is only a tool to learn by doing.

Most Writers Have Two Primary Fears

  1. They are not as good as others.
  2. No one will read their work.

If you love the pieces of another writer, avoid questioning your skills. Try to learn from them on your own, as many writing courses are not affordable. You can rewrite the posts of your favorite writers into a Word Document.

What happens when you do this exercise? You notice a writer's style more when you rewrite than when you only read the article. The reason being is that rewriting (or retyping) is a slow process. The more you rewrite pieces you like, the more your writing style changes and improves.

Here Is How You Apply the Rewrite Learning Method

  1. Choose an author you admire.
  2. Open a word processor and rewrite one of the writer's published pieces. Skip the fuss over fonts and layout, but rather focus on rewriting and noticing the person's choice of words and structure.
  3. Think about why the author made the choices they did, and reflect on how the piece makes you feel. Would you like your audience to feel this way as well?
  4. Apply what you learned from the rewrite exercise to your recent work. Most of the time, you will grasp how to write active, short sentences.

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