Questions to Ask After Creating an Advertisement


The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing. The people designing it make sure that it doesn't interrupt people's time. The following questions will ensure that your advertising sells without feeling like marketing.

Does It Push People to Take a Suggested Action?

The best advertisement gives gentle encouragement. For example, try our product risk-free today, rather than saying: you need to buy this item right now.

Advertisements are when most people meet your brand for the first time - as they are a cold audience. They won't take action even if you add a count-down clock. Start with a soft sell, and don't be afraid to let people experience your brand risk-free at first.

Does Your Ad Look and Feel Like All the Others?

People build up a tolerance for advertisements. If your advertisement looks similar, viewers will realize that you're selling to them and will try their best to avoid your promotional material.

Do the opposite of your competitors to intrigue your audience. For example, Heineken makes some of the most memorable ads. Their sounds, words and visuals are very different from other advertisers.

Have You Told a Story?

Your story can be simple and doesn't need to be elaborate. For example, show customers before and after using your product. You don't have to show people behaving like lunatics, as mild joy and happiness express the transformation well. 

Do People Understand What You’re Marketing?

Keep your ad campaign simple. You want all viewers, including the busy ones, to remember your offer. If the advertisement is too complex, you will confuse your viewers and lose sales. 

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