Keep Newsletter Open Rates High With Microcopy


Microcopy is a minimalist approach to marketing. It refines a long explanation into one sentence and makes understanding a product or service simple. People like simplicity, which leads to higher open rates.

Who Is Your Audience?

People often sign up for a newsletter because they want the free resource. That's it; they don't care about your educational or promotional content. Yet, the new email member won't unsubscribe. And when they finally do, you feel hurt to see them go.

Define who you serve in one sentence. This helps prevent a mismatch between your newsletter purpose and the audience you attract.

Sharpen Your Writing

Keep your newsletters short and spicy, and aim for 2-3 minute reads. Can you shorten sentences or paragraphs without losing their meaning? Go ahead, because concise writing tells your audience that you respect their time. Thus, your tribe will make a habit of opening your mail.

Use Visual Breaks

White space is excellent, but sometimes readers need a visual break from the text. Add an illustration, gif, meme or photo to give your reader's eyes a break from long walls of text.

Main Idea With Fewer Than 15 Words

Begin your newsletter with the main idea. This sentence builds interest by making readers curious. How does it do this? If your subject text is short, the first line of the email will get previewed on the subject line.

Short sentences are welcoming. These phrases pull people who open your newsletter further down the page. Aim to write the main idea in a clear, concise format.

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