How to Reduce Burnout as a Writer


People will tell you that a writer's duty is to write at least 500 words per day and publish 1,500-word articles often. However, being a writer is not only about putting words on a page, as your mindset and feelings complicate your situation. Here is how you can reduce burnout.

Split the Risk

Seth Godin is a best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. He divides the risk of working for himself. Not knowing how you will pay your bills by month-end makes you desperate.

  • You take on all the writing gigs you can get, without negotiating or seeing if the client is a good fit.
  • You write morning and night without breaks.
  • You spend all your time writing and miss out on other lucrative opportunities.

Lower your dependence on your writing income. Create digital products, courses, 1-1 consulting services, or get sponsors.

Forcing Productivity

Being responsible for your income is a blessing and a curse. You are in charge of your schedule.

What if you're not a disciplined person? What if the topic that makes you the most money is not one of your favorites? It becomes easy to procrastinate. To boost your productivity, enforce deadlines on your projects. You can also divide your time between your work and hobbies to do something fun for yourself.

Inspire and Create

Many new creators focus only on creating or consuming content. To avoid exhaustion, exist in two worlds. Aim to balance creation with consumption - but how? Read people's work, try their suggestions, and document what you have learned.

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