How to Create Content While Working 9-5


Balance is hard to achieve, as many corporate employees who are part-time writers burn out within a year. They give too much of themselves to their primary and side jobs, and this strategy won't work. Here's what does work:

Refresh Your Idea Bin

Weekends are wonderful. Freedom allows your mind to relax, process concepts, and form ideas.

On weekends or public holidays, you can take long showers, go out with your family, or consume content via books or scripted media. All of this time gives you clarity, so be sure to keep your phone (or pen and notepad) close to jot down ideas.

Plan in the Evening

You don't want to waste time wondering what to write. Craft titles, sub-headings, and an outline for your article the evening before you write.

Write in the Morning

The approach for many people with a side hustle is to come home from work to another job. It's easy to see why you'll experience exhaustion, or need coffee to get through their day.

Head to bed early, get 7-8 hours of restorative rest, and write in the morning. Limit your write time per week to 12 - 15 hours per week. A time cap such as this ensures that you get to rest and enjoy some of your weekends for yourself.

Simplify Starting

Have an easy routine to follow before you sit down to write. Some people make coffee, while others let their dogs outside. Create a ritual to signal to your body that it is time to write.

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