Fast Ways to Improve Website SEO


New websites often have low SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings, but the problem is easy to fix. It is not your fault as you may be a novice to the best practices of SEO.

Here are three ways to improve your search engine score and site loading time. The tips are easy to implement and cause fast SEO ranking improvements. Even better, these tips can get more people to your articles.


Stop using public, royalty-free stock images, and subscribe to an exclusive, paid gallery. Alternatively, use the camera in your pocket as original images are powerful.
How to maximize the strength of your custom photos?

  • Ensure the original image is relevant to blog content.
  • Add the article keyword to the picture image and Alt Text.

What are the benefits? You get clicks from organic keyword results, Featured Snippets and Google Images Search.

Photo Shrinking

Compressing your images boosts your SEO ranking and speeds up your site.

Pictures are the heaviest files on your webpage. Shrinking huge content gives your readers a better experience, so they keep visiting your page. Compress your images by using TinyPNG, Canva, or Imagify (WordPress Plugin). Check to ensure you resize the image without making it blurry.


Embed relevant videos into your articles. You don't want to slow down your site, so it it's a long video, only add one. If it's a quick clip, then adding two is fine. 
Ensure you add the keyword to the video title and Alt Text description. Also, ensure the keyword gets said at the start, middle, and end of the video you embed.

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