Top 5 Steps to Rank Your Videos on YouTube


Technical SEO is more than just websites and blogs. Today, it's also important in video ranking, and more importantly - in the YouTube algorithm. As YouTube grows in popularity, it becomes clear that this platform is essential for any brand's online growth. This platform, however, has become "overloaded" due to its large size. As more people are recognizing the value of video in marketing, competition for viewers' attention has never been fiercer.

The good news is that with the right SEO strategies, you can improve your video rankings, increase visibility and reach, and ultimately make more money from your YouTube channel. So read on to discover 5 technical SEO tips to better rank your videos, and how you can make your way through YouTube.

The Title of Your Video Is Extremely Important

Your video's title functions similarly to a page title. It's used to convey precisely what your video is about, and the right title will help boost your ad's click-through rate. As with on-page SEO, whenever possible, place your target keyword at the beginning of your title.

Prioritize SEO first, and then add the clickbait elements to your title. If it's not possible to use it at the start of the title, try to keep it as close to the start as possible.

Take Note of the Video Description

You can provide more information about your video in the video description on YouTube. It also allows you to include additional keywords, increasing your video's chances of ranking higher in relevant terms in Google.

One of the primary distinctions between a YouTube video description and a meta description on traditional text pages is that a YouTube description allows you to provide more descriptive information. The maximum length for descriptions is currently 5,000 characters, which is quite long. You can include a detailed description as well as a number of semantic keywords.

The Significance of Video Tags

Keyword tags have not been abandoned by YouTube's algorithm. They are still relevant today and can assist you in getting your videos in front of a larger number of people in your target audience.

You can use YouTube tags to better define and explain the content of your videos (such as subject-specific tags). They provide you with additional opportunities to include even more keywords than you would like. 

Subtitles Can Be Useful

Subtitles are simply a transcription of your video's audio that you upload to YouTube as a file so that it plays in sync with your clip. They are among the most crucial aspects of YouTube SEO. This is due to the fact that they allow you to include long text in your videos that you cannot include in your description.

Accurate subtitles can greatly improve your SEO by improving your ability to communicate with search engines on what your video is about as well as its keywords.

Take Note of the Timestamps

Timestamps are another technical, YouTube, SEO factor to consider. Using timestamps correctly can help you build viewer loyalty and increase viewing time. Because view time is a major ranking factor on YouTube, it will benefit your SEO efforts.

Use timestamps that include relevant search terms in your video. This strategy is also effective for increasing viewer engagement because it prevents viewers from bouncing - by allowing them to focus on the parts of your video that are most relevant to them.

You can also use product-specific keywords in your timestamps to help your videos generate more leads and sales.

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