Tips to Avoid Creating a Boring Newsletter


Unfortunately, clean corporate brands have a hard time standing out from the noise other brands make as they dive into people's inboxes. All businesses are competing for attention, and subject lines like "What's New This Week" are often overshadowed by the far more enticing "Act Now - 50% OFF until tonight." When you say that "open rates are down," you're admitting that what you are currently sending is not up to par.

It's high time that you managed your newsletter differently. If you find it boring to read, it's not surprising that your recipients are too. In this article, we offer you some tips to avoid sending boring newsletters.

Adopt a content marketing strategy in which you send short, engaging emails that link to much longer blog posts on your company website (for announcements or company updates, etc.). This will make your emails seem less boring.

Cut the Volume of Your Emails in Half

Get to the point in the first sentence and delete any unnecessary sentences without hesitation. Less is definitely more. Say in 5 words what most people say in 15. Your emails will flow much better without the jargon and superfluous self-aggrandizement.

- Add some spice and personality to your actual emails to get attention.

Send messages from a person, such as the company name, to make the content of your emails less limiting. Readers will recognize that this is the voice of an individual, not the voice of the brand as a whole. You can then inject some personality, inside jokes and insights to increase engagement without diluting the brand.

Make Your Subject Lines More Interesting

This is the first thing people notice before they even open the email. Create several options and test potential headlines using the various tools that exist for this purpose. Experiment with clickbait (e.g. by running a contest) to see if it makes a difference. Finally, using people's names in the subject line and addressing them directly will result in higher open rates.

Make Sure That You Have a Good Design

The design of your email template can influence how long someone is willing to read your email. If possible, try redesigning your current template to make it more visually appealing, or ask your workplace if a digital designer can code and customize the ideal template for you to drag and drop your content into each month.

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