The Newest Tips and Tricks for Website Accessibility in 2022


Improving your digital accessibility allows you to demonstrate not only that you consider and respect the significant proportion of your audience who are disabled, but also that you are involved in CSR causes.

Here are some tips to consider to improve the digital accessibility of your website:

Fill in the Image Description Meta-Description (Alt Text Tags)

Nothing is too difficult here; it's simply a matter of describing the image in the appropriate field in your site administration. It is commonly referred to as "Meta-description," "Alt Text," or "Alternative Text."

Adding Titles to Your Videos

Many of the online videos and presentations are inaccessible to people with hearing impairments. A simple solution is to systematically subtitle all of your material.

Contrasting Your Texts With Their Context

Do you think tone-on-tone colors are fashionable? Does it add some flair to your website? Unfortunately, visually impaired people cannot tell the difference between text and a similar-colored background.

Accentuate the contrast between your texts and their backgrounds - whether it's in your articles or when designing thumbnails for social networks.

Organizing and Prioritizing Your Text

Structure your text headings and paragraphs according to SEO rules (H1, H2, H3) to make reading easier for people with reading difficulties.

Adapting the Size of Texts and Forms

While each Internet user can easily change the size of the text, the same cannot be said for the forms that must be filled out. A small checkbox, or a field that is inaccessible in terms of size and name, can result in a lost registration or sale. 

This problem will be solved by providing large forms. You can use tools to diagnose the accessibility of your website to assist you. This will allow you to prioritize your actions and show your audience a progress report and action schedule.

Selecting Keyboard Navigation

Most people use the mouse to navigate websites, but some people prefer to use buttons. To accomplish this, ensure that the links on your site can be accessed sequentially using the 'TAB' button. This is especially important for forms, where fields and checkboxes must be easily accessible.

YouTube is a good example of keyboard accessibility. The video streaming site is entirely keyboard controlled: the search field is visible from the start, and the user can then launch a video by pressing the spacebar. So, for your website, make sure that the main categories are keyboard-accessible and that the links are clear enough for anyone who wants to visit to do so.

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