The Importance of Automation for the Future of Marketing


If marketing were a battlefield, as it occasionally is, Marketing Automation could be the ultimate weapon against the competition! Long marketed as a toy, it has evolved into a formidable tool for promoting content, optimizing lead generation, qualifying and nurturing these leads, and effectively feeding sales teams.

Marketing automation goes far beyond simply automating the repetitive tasks of your marketing department. It optimizes everything from your team's working time to the customers your sales team will focus on. Marketing Automation has five major advantages for a business:

Cut Staff Costs

Using marketing automation software, one employee can perform the duties of an entire marketing and sales department (or almost). How can this be accomplished? This is done by establishing lead nurturing systems and marketing campaigns that are automatically triggered based on predefined criteria.

After a few months of implementation, your small business will be automatically sending thousands of personalized emails every day.

Increase Your Profits and Average Transaction Volume

You will most likely notice an increase in the lifetime value of your customers if you automate your cross-sales, up-sales, and customer follow-ups. When combined with improved lead management and prioritization, your profits should skyrocket.

All of the advantages discussed are geared toward increasing your revenue and transaction volume in some way.

Increase the Accountability of Marketing and Sales Teams

Marketing automation will show you where your company's sales brakes are by flattening the process and providing a comprehensive view of your company's implications. If your marketing department generates hundreds of leads but fails to convert them into "qualified leads," it will receive immediate, unbiased feedback to improve its nurturing campaigns.

This feedback system increases the accountability of the team and departments, allowing them to complete their mission more efficiently.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Customer Relations Process

You have a limited number of resources to grow your business, no matter how big your team is. Marketing automation enables you to increase productivity by focusing on the most important tasks in the customer relationship process.

Reduce Repetition and Increase Creativity

When you replace repetitive manual work with automated systems and campaigns, you give your team members more time to focus on more creative tasks. While this has obvious benefits for your team's efficiency and productivity, there's also a less tangible - but certain positive impact - on your team's creativity and overall well-being.

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