Best Ways to Use Segmentation in Your Email Marketing Campaign


One of the most common email marketing mistakes to avoid is sending the same email to everyone, all of the time. Consider the following categories of subscribers on your list: potential customers (who have not yet made a purchase), new customers (who have just made their first purchase), loyal customers (who have made several purchases), and inactive customers (who have not made any purchases for a long time).

To better manage this situation, segment your list and send personalized emails based on various criteria. This article examines various methods for segmenting an email list in order to increase engagement and conversions.

Segment Your Email List According to Customer Type. You can create email campaigns that are designed to:

  • Convert potential customers into new customers.
  • Convert new customers into repeat customers.
  • Convert repeat customers into die-hard fans of your brand.

This could be as simple as providing a discount to new subscribers as an incentive to purchase for the first time, or providing a free gift to your most loyal customers with each new order.

Segment Your Email List According to the Interest Shown by Your Subscribers

Determine which approach will produce the best results based on your customer base and email marketing platform. Then begin sending targeted emails based on the interest shown by your subscribers.

By segmenting your emails based on interest, you can increase open and click-through rates while decreasing unsubscribe rates significantly. What's the reason? Your approach will be more focused, and your emails will be more valuable to your subscribers.

Segment Your List by Geographical Location

For several reasons, location can be an important segmentation factor. If you have an online store, you can send emails highlighting shipping deals for specific regions or countries. If you also have a physical store, you can send emails to subscribers only in your area about in-store events.

Most email marketing solutions allow for location-based segmentation. When a subscriber signs up for your newsletter, the geographic location is usually determined. You can also scan your database to determine your customers' current location based on billing and shipping addresses.

Behavioral Segmentation: Segment Your List Based on Engagement

Finally, make sure that you personalize your messages based on the behavior of your subscribers. You've probably gotten emails with subject lines like "We missed you." These emails were most likely from e-commerce sites with which you haven't communicated in a long time via email.

The majority of email marketing solutions support behavioral segmentation.

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