Run a Blog Alongside Your 9-5


Imagine this: you have both a job and a blog side hustle. It's natural to think that you can't balance both - but you can, here's how.

First, Create a Blueprint

This plan will help you plan the blog, thus you'll decide on details like:

  1. The topic.
  2. The target audience.
  3. The competitors and potential collaborators.
  4. The earning sources.
  5. The platform host.
  6. The best social media channels.
  7. Promise to commit yourself for 6-12 months.

Second, Make Good on Your Promise

The following steps are about committing at a sustainable pace.

Writing Time

Choose the hours that work for you. For example, you can choose to work for two hours (from 6 to 8 a.m. or 6 to 8 p.m.).

Pick nights or mornings based on what works for your schedule and energy levels. The time frame can vary from 15 minutes to two hours. We recommend alternating your side hustle by resting early or sleeping in the next day.

Small Progress

Set tiny targets. You don't want to burn out and quit your blog side hustle, nor do you want your work performance to drop and cause you to get fired.

Cultivate a mindset where you listen to your body. Rest and choose progress over perfection.

Scary Timeline

Work expands to suit the time you set. Create a scary yet achievable deadline.

Develop a System

Try your best on not-so-great days. Aim to have tangible results for the time you spend working on your blog. This system will help you run your blog alongside your 9-5 job.

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