No More Cold Emails


We understand - you seek funding for your blog and clients for your offers. Also, cold emails are not the most lucrative approach to scaling a business. Most cold emails are not well-received, especially since you have more favorable options available to you.

Build a Brand

We know that building a brand does not feel easy. Cold calling frustrates your prospects and wastes plenty of time. People want proof of the results that their money affords them. A brand helps you show people what you can do for them.

The first person that your skills will help is you. Your transformation is your first sales pitch. Your success story of rags to riches or zero readers to 10K+ traffic daily is worth sharing.

More readers and investors support creators who have proof of their expertise. When you have a portfolio of evidence, people come to you interested in your offers. Thus, you don't have to make cold calls.

Be of Service to Your Prospects

If you think you are talking to no one, give away a free product. People see you, but they do not yet have a reason to engage with your brand. Create a free product to build your email list. Document your progress in your newsletters to earn trust and form a relationship.

When your product is ready, give it away to one to five lucky supporters, and have them give feedback on the offer. This approach validates the product or service and provides one to five reviews. 

Thus, you skip cold calling. Why? Because you feel more confident selling your product with advertisements.

Dataczar Connect is an all-in-one marketing solution that allows you to build a beautiful website with ease, create campaigns in a few clicks, and make branded marketing materials in a matter of minutes. There’s no coding or hidden costs. In just 5 easy steps, you’ll have your own domain for your business or brand and begin connecting with prospects through omnichannel marketing and content creation.