How to Become a Top Blogger


Tons of blogs exist on the internet, but there's an online tribe for everyone. The essential part is to find a gap and to connect with people like you. 

Today we'll share tips to help you write content to discover your audience, so you can become a top blogger in your niche.

Have a Perspective

Everyone focuses on finding their industry, but what differentiates you from others in this niche? Many people have self-improvement blogs, but you can be different because of your experience. For example, you're a mother of two, or you're a final-year college student.

Most bloggers still want to appeal to everyone. You can stand out because you target people who have a lifestyle like yours.

Be Kind

Some actions by your readers are not excuses; they're an avoidable part of their lives. People have different health needs and demands in their life, thus you can give advice that goes against the norm. These tips are more inclusive for people with lives like yours.
For example:
-How do I achieve my goals without waking up early?
-Balancing the 9-5 life and writing a book within six months.

Peel Back the Perfection

You stand out by making people less alone - vulnerability draws audiences. We remember content creators who opt out of typical perfection "fakeness." It's memorable because most creators wear makeup or show after successful content.

You can talk about your past trauma, money or mental health problems. Everyone faces these issues, but few people talk about them. It is also common for readers to comment when you share your experiences, which helps your story to rank well.

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