How to Write Advertisements for Your Website


Good luck with your first advertisement. 


Before you make an advertisement, create content.

  • Employers ask for a portfolio to prove your experience.
  • Readers read blog posts to gauge the quality of your newsletter.
  • People check out descriptions and reviews to judge items.

People need proof of your quality to trust you enough to become loyal fans. Create content to have the evidence ready.


Many brands miss this advertising first step: making people aware of your brand. If you don't, you decrease the likelihood of a successful marketing campaign. 

The best summaries of what you do are six (6) words in length, so write short phrases that are memorable. Tell people how you help them, add a relevant image, and close with your brand logo.

Crush Objections

People buy based on their emotions. The mind searches for rational reasons (feelings are irrational). When a person meets your new brand, they are in their rational mindset, which justifies the emotional reasons to buy.

They consider the price, time, and other excuses. Squash the potential customer's objections. For example, the cost is not a problem because you have a payment plan. When excuses get explained away, your potential buyers can become emotional.

Tell a Story

Tell the story of going from a prospect to a client. How do you do this? Acknowledge the prospect's struggle and share the benefits of your website. Close by stating how the person's life will be different. When you tell the story another time, do it using a client testimonial.

Be Honest

At every stage of your funnel, be honest and say what you can do for the buyer. Did people complain about a feature? Acknowledge the issue and what you have changed to improve your offer.

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