Common Blogging Advice That's Hurting New Writers


The blogging landscape has changed - what's worked in the past now fails. Thus, some mainstream advice hurts your success as a new blogger. Not only do these tips hurt your progress, but they can also be the reason that you're not growing.

Niche Down

Experiment, you don't have to lock yourself into one niche. For example, rather than being a Keto coach, be a nutritional coach who focuses on women in their 30s with two children. Narrow down your target group and keep your topic focus wide.

Different niches will gain and lose popularity as trends disappear, but broad industries like fitness, social media and health stay relevant forever. You can experiment with our affordable domain packages. Buy a domain name and write a few articles about an industry. Then, if you don't like it, you can move to another niche.

Exposure Work

Working for free reduces your worth. Here is what you can try instead as a new blogger:

  • Become a member of affiliate programs.
  • Create a free resource, build an email list, and market your products.
  • Pitch brands for sponsorship when you have regular readers and traffic insights.
  • Enter mutually beneficial collaborations: post a piece from a fellow blogger, then they share the content that you wrote.

Avoid Spam Templates

If you bought a template, just remember that many other people may have done so as well. If this happens, then the recipient will feel like they've read the note before and trash it. It's better to be authentic and to research a brand. Say what you like about the company and talk about how their values align with yours. Let them know how you can help them and close the message with your offer.

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