A Procrastinator's Guide to a Productive Day


You may often complicate a task in your head, as you feel stressed when you think of certain items on your to-do list. This thought causes you to procrastinate, which isn't the best habit when you have goals to achieve. Let's dive into ways to avoid delayed action.


Discover the reason for your procrastinating. You already know when you are not doing your necessary tasks, but for change to occur, learn your motivators. Most times, it is your fear of failure.

Remove Distractions

Sometimes, procrastination acts appear as breaks. You may want to relax before doing a challenging task. If so, remove distractions like your phone or your inbox. Let the project be the first action you take when you're ready to work.

Be Flexible

If you think you cannot get the activities done, you'll feel demotivated - this mood makes it hard to work. Set three core activities for your day: one for the morning, afternoon, and evening. This planning strategy prevents feeling overwhelmed, and you feel motivated to tackle your projects.

Break Down Your Objectives Further With Time Blocks

A primary task can have 3-5 parts and it feels great to tick the parts from your list. Time blocks also allow for an intense few minutes of concentration and intentional breaks. Thus, you time your breaks and hours of your time don't disappear because of procrastination.


Use alarms to mark the end of your breaks (your reward for time well spent). An essential step is choosing activities that you can complete within the set time.

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