50 Posts Created, 0 Traffic. How to Avoid This?


Have you created content for your blog? Do people still struggle to find your website? It's not the best situation, but sometimes sites with articles still don't get traffic from search engines. These tips will help you prevent this from happening.

Before You Write, Create a Plan

Remember, the articles aren't about you; they're about your readers. Rather than sit down and think of content ideas, ask algorithms what people want to know.

Head to Quora, Answer the Public, Reddit, and other forums. Discover the interests of your reader, and then use those suggestions to craft your headlines and to pick your keywords. This approach increases the chances of your website showing in search results.

Become an Echo

Many new bloggers are afraid to become an echo. They'd prefer to write on different topics every time. But repetition strengthens your SEO tactics. It gets your website known for a keyword or keyphrase.

For example, are you a Texas boho (bohemian) wedding photographer? Create headlines and a few sentences that allow you to use those words.

Explain It Before Everyone Else

Bloggers love to follow and get inspired by each other. Such a practice means that everyone talks about similar concepts. When your new blog uses this technique, you get little traffic because your website has a low SEO rank.

You can avoid this competition by talking about a new, seemingly uninteresting, or controversial topic. This allows you to provide answers that are not yet available. For instance, many share banana bread recipes, but you post a banana muffin formula. You now serve a growing audience of people who grew tired of banana bread.

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