The Importance of Web Design to Boost Your Online Business


Thinking carefully about a website’s web design is more than just a matter of aesthetics. Minimizing the bounce rate (the proportion of visitors who leave a page without seeing the others) by providing users with easy navigation is an important step toward improving your website’s natural referencing. As a result, you must design your site in such a way that people will want to stay on it and browse through as much material as possible.

Why Web Design is a Determinant of Trust

To make a positive first impression on an Internet user who views a page for the first time, the interface must be both appealing and ergonomic. The likelihood of conversion increases when a visitor enjoys the navigation. Indeed, your brand, products, and/or services are immediately perceived as more trustworthy and serious. The trust connection is therefore built from the first visit of an Internet user.

According to a Stanford University research, 75% of them feel a website’s credibility is based on its web design. As a result, firms who are in sync with the digital world place a premium on their online graphic charter. Aside from instilling trust at first look, a carefully crafted visual charter allows the company’s presence and commercial positioning to be communicated. A clean and appealing website design demonstrates the level of service provided to customers.

E-commerce has become a part of life, but this does not imply that Internet customers have complete trust in the websites that they frequent. On the contrary, people are becoming increasingly aware of the pitfalls that they can fall into. As a result, the development of your website must also highlight crucial issues such as personal data security, consent, or certifications and quality labels of the products or services sold.

A Website Should Be Designed to Encourage Conversion

When designing your website, bear in mind that web design is a great marketing tool. It's related to ergonomics and should assist navigation. In other words, it is essential to the user experience.

For example, the navigation bar should be visible on the main page so that visitors may quickly identify the product categories and goods they want. Setting up search criteria makes it even easier for your consumers to find what they’re looking for. However, other considerations must be made while developing a website:
- Font selection and size
- Placement of text sections, pictures, and videos
- Color and contrast harmony
- Presence of call-to-action buttons

This non-exhaustive list depicts the aspects that are necessary to an online platform’s aesthetic hierarchy and structure. In an era of digital transition and the dominance of particular consumption models, the customer journey must be smooth and devoid of impediments. The more complicated the sites appear, the less likely users are to stay longer.

Finally, the responsive format remains a top goal in web design. Indeed, natural referencing has now entered the “mobile first” era, thus it's critical that the design of your website contains the ability to adapt the display of your pages to the size of all sorts of devices (smartphone, tablet). This is now a crucial requirement for regaining visibility in search engine results.

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