E Mailing Trends 2022: The 5 Best to Follow!


Keeping up with the current email marketing trends is critical for continually renewing and improving your email approach from year to year.

Email Marketing Automation, a Trend That Does Not Disappoint!

Email marketing automation continues to dominate the email marketing landscape, accounting for nearly 32% of all email orders (while representing only 2.4% of all emails sent). However, it's still important to optimize traditional email marketing campaigns by staying on top of the latest trends.

With this in mind, we recommend making automation a central part of your email marketing practices. Email automation workflows such as welcome emails, abandoned cart messages, and re-engagement sequences keeps your audience engaged, without requiring you to spend time crafting messages for each unique prospect.

Email Marketing with User Generated Content

UGC - User Generated Content - is frequently utilized by e-merchants on social media to promote their businesses, but it is far too often not reused in emails. However, the popularity of photographs and information created by its own consumers can no longer be demonstrated. 

More authentic, these contents serve as true social evidence that increases conversions, thus it would be a pity to exclude them from your email marketing efforts!

Hyper-Segmentation and Campaign Personalization

Previously, it was usual practice to send a single weekly newsletter to your entire customer base, with no personalization - that was in the past. To obtain the greatest results in 2022, you'll need to segment more and target and personalize your email marketing efforts.

Segmentation and customization are concerned with delivering the appropriate material, to the appropriate consumers, at the appropriate time. If a consumer often makes purchases around 8 a.m., it's in your best interest to send them promotional emails at that time.

Doesn't that make sense? The more you tailor your emails to each subscriber's specific requirements, the more likely they are to be interested in your material.

Database Hyper-Qualification and Enrichment

Of course, audience segments are based on the information you collect about your clients and prospects in the outset. One of the key problems for Email Marketers in 2022 will be gathering more information on their clients, prospects, and users in the years to come - particularly with the removal of third-party cookies.

The more extensive the datasets, the more advanced and efficient the marketing automation and personalization scenarios will be.

Email Marketing as Part of an Omni-Channel Strategy

Email is one of the most significant digital marketing platforms. However, it works best when paired with other digital communication channels like SMS (text), social media, and online push notifications.

Limiting your digital presence to one or two channels limits your ability to communicate with prospects in a variety of ways.

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