4 Good Reasons to Activate Your Content Strategy


If you haven't yet implemented a content strategy, you're probably wondering, and rightly so: what would it do for my organization? Here are 4 elements of the answer that should enlighten you on the need to define your content strategy.

Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

According to PQ Media, 313 billion dollars will be invested in content marketing over the next few years. Despite this excitement, French firms are just now beginning to measure the interest in the content marketing strategy (in comparison to their Anglo-Saxon counterparts).

The good news is that if your sector is part of this French trend, your rivals are most likely still in the stone age of content marketing. This is your chance to establish the groundwork for your content strategy and create an audience for your brand before anybody else.

Create Some Value

While online advertising diverts Internet users’ attention (ad blocker adoption, development of fraud, austerity of click rates…), content marketing aims to offer value – via content – along the customer journey. This is the goal of the inbound (as opposed to outbound) method, in which Internet users select the type and context of their interaction with your business.

As a result, content marketing differs from other marketing tactics in that it seeks to serve the public before serving the companies. Brands must inform, entertain, communicate, or instruct through content: they must provide value to Internet Users. At a time when innovation and information are accelerating at an alarming rate, merely selling your products and services is no longer sufficient; you must give them purpose and a long-term perspective.

As a result, the value of your product, the history and devotion of your brand, and the service given to Internet consumers must be stated, proven and honestly perceived. This new paradigm transforms traffic into an audience by catching users early in the customer journey and supporting them, throughout the purchasing process and beyond, with personalized content experiences. In this setting, your content strategy must anchor your voice, ensuring a consistent experience while producing important organic traffic.

Long-Term Growth of Your Visibility and Traffic

With the universality of ad blockers (which now filter adverts in your Facebook feed) and mobile users becoming less tolerant of untimely advertising intrusions, the inbound strategy and content marketing have a promising future.

In contrast to sponsored levers (display and programmatic formats, search advertising, or social), when there is no more funding, there is no more traffic. A content marketing approach allows you to generate natural traffic that is certain to endure. In this scenario, one of the primary goals of your content strategy will be to grow an audience by depending mostly on long-term organic channels such as search engines, social networks and referral sites.

Change as a Result of Mobile and Video Usage

The introduction of smartphones into our daily lives has already altered behavior: in 2015, the number of mobile searches on Google surpassed that of desktop searches (see Google study). This shift in usage promotes an increased demand for mobile video.

According to the most recent Cisco report, video consumption on smartphones accounts for 78% of worldwide data traffic... Brands are broadening their video content offering beyond TV ads (which are occasionally adopted for the Internet) and corporate films in order to remain visible. In this regard, YouTube, which is sometimes regarded as the world’s second biggest search engine, provides a largely untapped source of organic traffic.

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