Guide Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone


When we get caught up in our comfort zone, it can be difficult to adjust and break out of it. Often, though, the best thing to do is to take action.   

When You Think of Your Situation, One of Two Things Happen

  1. You stick to the reality you know.
  2. You take risk in hopes of a different life.

Both of these choices are fine. But Stephen Covey, the writer of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, urges us to pick number two. He says, "If we wanted to change the situation, we first had to change ourselves."

Nothing Will Help Until You Change Your Actions

The people around you can achieve success, but you remain unsuccessful. Your friends may give you tips, yet you consider their hacks as unsolicited advice. You have to want change for yourself before it can happen.

Here's What You Can Do

  1. Write down the object, lifestyle, or goals you want most.
  2. State the excuses and obstacles that you face.
  3. Think of ways around your excuses.
  4. Plan 3 small tasks to start your journey today.
  5. Tell yourself "congratulations" aloud with every task completed.
  6. Rest. Repeat steps 4 and 5 again tomorrow.

Pretty Simple, Right?

A simple plan gets achieved because execution seems easy. You get one small win - completion and a celebratory remark - and you feel pumped and want more good feelings.

Your Mindset

To take action, Stephen Covey says your perceptions also need to change. You have to believe the difference you want is possible. With or without the accomplishment, see yourself as adequate and worthy of the best things in life.

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