Simple Ways to Improve Your Content


Let's jump right into our tips for improving your content:

Cut Filler Words

Remove unnecessary words and aim for powerful adjectives. Avoid words like only, just, really, very, almost, simply, barely and basically, as your piece can sound conversational without these.

Reduce Disappointment

Deliver on your promises. If you save details until the end, then be sure to give continuous value throughout the post. Useless paragraphs frustrate your readers. Here are two ways to avoid wasting your reader's time:

  • Use listicles and tutorial formats that lay out solutions
  • Create 2-3-minute reads if you save answers for the last paragraph

Master Your Hooks

Having engaged readers are one of your content goals, so add images, insert quotes, and ask questions. Also, mix up your audience's reading pace with long and short sentences; it gets readers down to your last word.

Lower the Reading Level

Use simple words and never assume that your audience knows acronyms or industry jargon. People switch careers every day, and some of your readers will be beginners. Help audiences out by spelling out terms and shortening them later. Provide definitions when you include specific, niche vocabulary.

Aim to Tell Your Story

Ignore the word count while writing and editing: readers can tell when you're straining to meet a word limit. Work with the information you have. Other times, you can research more helpful details.

Have Compassion

Your tribe does not only have excuses, they have limitations and struggle. Be empathetic, meet your readers where they are, and realize that your community may already be blaming themselves. Provide solutions and don't cause more self-hate. Doing this is easier when you understand the topic or care about your readers. Remember what you want from content when you are a consumer, and use this frame of mind to create for Internet users.

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