Scale Content Production With Less Effort


Automation helps everyone and processes can help you scale with less effort. It is natural to wonder how someone can produce so much content every month. The answer is their system - so let's help you build yours.

The Best First Tool

Experience is the key, as people have the attention span of goldfish. Your readers don't like receiving similar ideas from different sources. They think, "I know this already" when reading.

The best content helps people look at their challenges in new ways. So rather than, say, write another article about the benefits of exercise, tell what 30 daily squats for 30 days did for you. It's an approach to get you off Google and into a writing flow with greater ease, plus people are curious about what works. Your website traffic will scale faster if your content helps readers make decisions.

Scale and Monetize at the Same Time

We follow up with our clients, and many tell us that they wish they had monetized their platform sooner. If you treat your business like a hobby, you'll work for free. So before you create, sign up for affiliate programs, Gumroad or Calendly. Consider marketing partners for future collaboration.

This prior research helps you to determine the direction of your content, and direction gives clarity. With having earning strategies in place, you know the actions needed to achieve your goals and are more motivated to complete plans (which lead to scaling).

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Consume relevant content before you need it. Prior knowledge lowers your dependence on research to find ideas on what to write. If you have the content idea already, it is easier to draft and publish your content.

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