Reasons Your Newsletter Fails


Have you started a newsletter? We've seen what people are doing wrong, and we've learned the best approach from oversubscribed inbox groups. Here are four reasons why newsletters fail.

No Automation

Your email platform has a first name generating phrase - use it. People love seeing their names and it causes them to pay attention.

The Layout

No one has a zero-inbox for long. Your e-note will compete for attention with at least five other messages, and a good subject line will get people to choose your message. However, if it has a wall of text, the content will not get read. To fix this, avoid stretching paragraphs so that your emails skimmable.

  • Cut all the fluff
  • Make it so brief that 1-2 sentences become paragraphs
  • Create a list
  • Aim to break up sections with images

You Only Seek to Sell

Subscribers feel like an ATM if you're only trying to get the sale. Your newsletter needs balance; here are two strategies to add this balancing element.

  • E-letters that only share sales letters include discount codes and engaging visuals
  • E-letters used to educate subs run campaigns every few months to gain sales

It's unfortunate but most people join to get the free lead magnet or discount code. Afterward, they get bored of your sales pitch and unsubscribe. So be sure to include informational content to give your tribe reasons to stay.

You Share Content That the Receiver Can Google

Inboxes are personal; they're for work, friends, family, and forming deeper relations with brands. People crave stories so use your experiences to frame your advice. This ignites connection as stories make readers remember your name and they start looking forward to your emails. If you don't want to get personal, then share the success journey of your clients, or address a question someone asked you.

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